North Cliiff Golf Club
Dress Code

Dress for success

A clean and smart appearance is expected on the course at all times, with proper golfing attire being worn whether playing or not. Please observe the following:

* Gentlemen may wear tailored shorts. Socks must be worn with shorts, which, if long must be of a single plain colour. Short sports socks, including trainer liners that are predominantly white, are acceptable.

* Collared polo shirts as traditionally worn by golfers may be worn. Only those collarless shirts designed specifically for golf may be worn.

The following items of clothing are NOT acceptable.

* Denim Wear including combat trousers. Track Suits, Jogging Suits and variants of these.
* Collarless Tee Shirts, Shirts outside trousers are not to be worn on the course, Caps should not be worn the wrong way round.
* Golf shoes must be worn on the course; training or cricket shoes are not acceptable.